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Since the past 4 years, I have been following a single pursuit: fusing the most urgent societal needs with modern, cutting-edge technologies and novel mathematical ideas. To fullfill this passion, I have worked on developing various research projects and launched multiple technology-based social ventures, ranging from lung cancer detectors to tech non-profits. Through these projects and initiatives, I have developed a deep understanding of problem solving: in every project, I strive to reach each corner of the problem, addressing it from every possible angle. I have implemented these projects to aid thousands of people, gained national recognition, collaborated with government bodies and given talks in national and international summits/symposiums. 

Being a photographer and filmmaker since the last 5 years, I strive to portray unheard stories through my viewfinder. Whether this be a story of social classification, wildlife conservation or migrant crisis, my pursuit remains singular: documentation of the untold in an aesthetically pleasing manner. My work has reached international audiences, allowing my stories to be heard on a global-scale.


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