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A cinematic journey through some of the most remote places in the Upper Himalayas.
Filmed at 17,500 feet above sea level, 2% Oxygen and -10°C.
On a flight to a college town two people with opposing world views are forced to sit next to each other.
The messy house and an unemployed husband make Nia angry and she drives off in a huff, meets an accident, changing her life forever


Three kids need to crack a riddle to earn their meal. Will the kids get their meal today? 


A busy single mother always cribs about the lack of choices in life. Till she meets Sabina. 

Signed Distributor



AWARD WINNER - Tagore International Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 12th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival-24 - 2023.png
FINALIST - Independent Shorts Awards - 2022.png


NOMINEE - California Indies - 2023.png
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AWARD WINNER - Hong Kong Indie Film Festival - 2023.png

Issued by the Government of India

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SEMI-FINALIST - Austin International Art Festival - 2023.png
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Screened in

Hong Kong
Los Angeles 

Screenings 2024

Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles
University of Toronto, Toronto

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